Mycorrhiza Research
Dr. Ingrid Kottke

Hyphae of mycorrhizal fungus, stained by methyl blue, in the cortical cells of an epiphytic orchid root
New structures and morphotyping of arbuscular mycorrhiza of trees Hartig Net Institute of Special Botany and Mycology


New mycorrhizal types and high diversity of fungi in tropical forests

Since 2001 we investigate structural and molecular diversity of mycorrhizas of trees, ericads and orchids in the mega diverse, tropical mountain rain forest of Southern Ecuador [80,81,82]. We also studied mycorrhizas of trees in the seasonally dry afro-montane forest of Ethiopia [56,57].

The tropical mountain rainforests of Ecuador are also called "cloud forests". Photo: I. Kottke.


Main techniques used are light microscopy (LM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), electron energy loss spectroscopy and imaging (EELS/ESI), fluorescence microscopy, DNA-sequencing and molecular phylogeny of mycorrhizal fungi.

Mycorrhizas in tropical forests

Our research on the mycorrhizas of tropical mountain forests encompasses:

New structures and morphotyping of arbuscular mycorrhiza of trees

Molecular diversity and community structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and consequences for sustainable forestry

Rare ectomycorrhizas in the tropical mountain rain forest

The cavendishioid mycorrhiza of Andean ericads

Epiphytic orchids form mycorrhizas with Tulasnellales and Sebacinales

Previous mycorrhiza projects in temperate forests

Structure of the Hartig net and establishment of ectomycorrhizas

Description of ectomycorrhiza morphotypes

Ecology of ectomycorrhizas and potential toxic elements

Ectomycorrhizas for sustainable forests

Mycorrhiza-like associations of liverworts


e-book: "Mykorrhiza – Pilz-Wurzel-Symbiosen" (2016, WikiBooks)
6th Oct 2016

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