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Hyphae of mycorrhizal fungus, stained by methyl blue, in the cortical cells of an epiphytic orchid root
New structures and morphotyping of arbuscular mycorrhiza of trees Hartig Net Institute of Special Botany and Mycology

Mycorrhizas of tropical mountain forests

New structures and morphotyping of arbuscular mycorrhiza of trees

New mycorrhizal types were described from light microscopy investigations [67].

Block diagram of an arbuscular mycorrhiza with intercellular appressoria (iap), reminiscent of Hartig net structures of ectomycorhizas, arbuscules (ar) in inner cortical cells, intercellular hyphae (ieh) in intercellular space (IC), intracellular hyphae (iah) in the outer cortical cells (OC), hyphal coils (hc) in passage cells (PC) of hypodermis (HY), (ED) epidermis of root, formed by Alzatea verticillata and unidentified Glomeromycota in the cloud forest [first published in 67].

Morphotyping of arbuscular mycorrhizas was elaborated and morphotypes connected to molecular genotypes [73].

Arbuscular mycorrhiza morphotypes formed by Alzatea verticillata with Glomus species discerned by supraradical and intraradical hyphal structures. Further explanations in [73] [first published in 73].

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Molecular diversity and community structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and consequences for sustainable forestry

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