Mycorrhiza Research
Dr. Ingrid Kottke

Hyphae of mycorrhizal fungus, stained by methyl blue, in the cortical cells of an epiphytic orchid root
New structures and morphotyping of arbuscular mycorrhiza of trees Hartig Net Institute of Special Botany and Mycology

Mycorrhizas of temperate forests

Description of ectomycorrhiza morphotypes

We established a new approach to discern and describe the highly diverse hyphal sheath structures of ectomycorrhizas [4] now widely used in diversity studies on mycorrhizas.

Example of anatomic characterization of the fungal sheath of ectomycorrhizas by serial, tangential and square sections, as established by I. Haug [first published in 31].

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Ecology of ectomycorrhizas and potential toxic elements

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e-book: "Mykorrhiza – Pilz-Wurzel-Symbiosen" (2016, WikiBooks)
6th Oct 2016

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