Hyphae of mycorrhizal fungus, stained by methyl blue, in the cortical cells of an epiphytic orchid root

Mycorrhizas in
Tropical Forests
September 22-25, 2008, Loja, Ecuador


We kindly invite scientists and doctoral students working in the field of mycorrhizas of tropical forests to exchange experience and new research strategies in these fairly neglected ecosystems.

The workshop shall address diversity of mycobionts and mycorrhizal types of woody plants, herbs and epiphytes in neotropical and paleotropical, wet and seasonally dry, lowland and mountain rain forests. Impacts on plant diversity and composition, on ecology and ecosystem dynamics, on threat and regeneration of tropical forests shall be topics for presentations and discussions.

Looking forward to learn about your interest and abstract

Dr. Juan Pablo Suárez, Loja, Ecuador
( www.utpl.edu.ec)
Dr. Ingrid Kottke, Tübingen, Germany
( www.mycorrhiza-research.de)

the organizing committee


June 8th 2009: Participants publish remark

November 26th 2008:
Report in the TMF-Newsletter: page 11-14 (pdf, 9,4 MB)
October 20th 2008:
Abstract Booklet (pdf, 4.2 MB)
August 18th 2008:
Updated Schedule
July 25th 2008:
Updated Schedule


Hotels and Accomodation

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