Hyphae of mycorrhizal fungus, stained by methyl blue, in the cortical cells of an epiphytic orchid root

Mycorrhizas in
Tropical Forests
September 22-25, 2008, Loja, Ecuador

Travel and Accomodation


Please ask at Ecuadorian Embassy in your country if you need to apply for a visa in advance (if you have further question contact jpsuarez@utpl.edu.ec).  Tourist visa, lasting three months, are obtained at the passport control in Ecuador without fees for Germans and other (but all?) European Community citizens.

Flights to Ecuador

There are regular international flights to Quito and to Guayaquil.

Flights in Ecuador

Loja can be reached by regular local plains (TAME, ICARO) from Quito or Guayaquil within one hour. Connecting flights to Loja are more frequent from Quito than from Guayaquil.

Flight schedules connecting Quito and Loja as well as Guayaquil and Loja (German pdf file, 0,1 MB)

Please check the national line TAME in internet ( www.tame.com.ec) for other schedules. There are mostly two flights per day from Quito to Loja (about 60.- US $ one way). The domestic airport is just beside the international airport.

It is recommended to book and pay inland flights 4-3 weeks in advance of travelling. Flights by TAME, Ecuador, can be booked by internet. In case of problems with booking of flights please contact Juan Pablo Suarez, jpsuarez@utpl.edu.ec.

Bus connection to Loja

Ecuador has a quite well developed public bus transportation. There are busses for very low prices from Quito and other places to Loja (Quito-Loja about 14 hours, 1000 km).

Housing in Loja, Quito or Guayaquil

In case you need to spend a night in Guayaquil there are hotels at all levels of prices.


Participants are housed in hotel Quo Vadis during the workshop (21 to 26 September). Price for 5 nights, including breakfast and tax, is 181.50 US $ and is already included in the workshop fee.
Reservations are handled by Paula Zabala plzabala@utpl.edu.ec.
Address: Av. Isidro Ayora y Av. 8 de Diciembre (close to bus terminal in Loja). e-mail of the hotel: quovadishotel@gmail.com, phone: (593-7) 258 1805 Web: www.quovadishotel.com.ec


In Quito most of the German scientists stay in Hotel Sierra Nevada (reservations by participants individually). Contract with DFG research group, special price single room 35.00 US$ (normal price 53.00), including breakfast (even at 5 am )
Address: Joaquin Pinto E4-150 y Cordero (touristic part of city); e-mail: info@hotelsierranevada.com; phone: (593 -2) 2 553 658/2 528 264; (taxi transportation 5.- US$).

Hotel Akros (reservation by Paula or individually): Contract with UTPL, single room 52 US$ plus tax, no breakfast included; e-mail: reservas@hotelakros.com; phone: (593-2) 2 430 600.

Hotel Dann Carlton (reservation by Paula): Contract with UTPL, single room 78.00 US$, plus tax, breakfast not included; Phone: (593-2) 224 9008.


Bus shuttles will be managed by UTPL. The ride from Loja airport LaToma to Loja takes about one hour. However, in the case you miss the car of UTPL there are taxis around to drive to Loja (about 15.- US $).

In Quito best transportation is by taxis from Cooperativa (5.00 US $ per taxi).

Information about the UTPL and the Workshop city

UTPL and Loja


June 8th 2009: Participants publish remark

November 26th 2008:
Report in the TMF-Newsletter: page 11-14 (pdf, 9,4 MB)
October 20th 2008:
Abstract Booklet (pdf, 4.2 MB)
August 18th 2008:
Updated Schedule
July 25th 2008:
Updated Schedule


Hotels and Accomodation

Schedule flights within Ecuador (pdf file, 0,1 MB)

Campus map of UTPL (pdf file, 0,2 MB)

Summary of all news (pdf file, 0,8 MB)

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